Code clues show that Android 5.0 could come with more fitness smarts built-in

Code clues show that Android 5.0 could come with more fitness smarts built-in
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Some code squirreled away somewhere in the Android OS hints that a future version will come with souped up fitness tracking.

While KitKat already features pedometer tech for counting your steps, future versions perhaps beginning with Android 5.0 will allow the software to harness "fitness data from sensors on your Android device."

These could be built into future Android phones and tablets, but it's also likely that the API will play nicely with Android-based smartwatches and even Google Glass.

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A 'more info' pop up says the API should let you "view and edit your fitness tracking, health and activities data" - the fact that it allows both reading and writing of data means that it might store your vital stats on your Google account for access by other apps - you could potentially generate a fitness graph in Google Drive, for instance.

As it's an API, it means that app makers will be able to use more biometric data in their software - alongside the pedometer, they could monitor your heart rate for instance.

It's worth noting that this may not be code intended for Android itself though; it could also be part of a Google Play Services update.

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