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BlackBerry App World 2.0 unveiled by RIM

BlackBerry App World moves to 2.0
BlackBerry App World moves to 2.0

RIM has unveiled the next iteration of its application portal, sticking with simplicity and calling it BlackBerry App World 2.0.

The move is designed to make using App World a more seamless experience and bringing it up to speed with the likes of the iPhone App Store.

In addition to PayPal, customers will be able to purchase applications using credit cards, as well as an improved UI to make it easier to see the top lists of BlackBerry applications, from Themes to Apps, both free and paid for.

We know who you are

BB App World 2.0 also supports user IDs, which can work across any device, making it easy to see your app purchase history.

QR barcode scanning, already used on Google's Android Market, will also be supported - meaning an app vendor can advertise on the web or in a magazine and the phone's camera can decipher the code and link straight through to the app.

But the most important overhaul is for the app purchase system - now users can decide to have a dedicated credit card or PayPal account set up with RIM, and simply enter a password to download new applications, making the whole process a lot simpler.

The newest version of BlackBerry App World is available for beta preview to customers in the United Kingdom from BlackBerry Beta Zone, so if you're BlackBerry'd up then head on over and check it out.