Big-screened iPhone 6 might hike iPhone prices up

Big-screened iPhone 6 might cost more than iPhone 5S, suggests Captain Obvious
It's not about the price tag - oh, wait, yes it is

Some analysts have got together and decided that a bigger, better iPhone 6 that costs more to make will probably command a higher price tag if and when it launches.

Great bit of analysis from our pals the analysts, there. Susquehanna analyst Chris Caso says that the price of the iPhone 6 could be as much as $100 (about £65 or AU$110) more than the current flagship iPhone 5S.

That's because the materials will cost more - faster chips, bigger displays, possible use of sapphire - so the phone will cost more to make, so you'll have to pay more to have it.

One Million Dollars

We jest, but Apple does generally try to launch its new mobile devices at the same prices as their predecessors - so the iPhone 5S costs the same as the iPhone 5 did when it was the top dog.

Some tech-makers suck up production costs to sell you gadgets at lower prices - the reason being that they can make the money back by locking you into their services.

So it's in Apple's interest to get you using an iOS device so you buy apps from the iOS App Store, music from iTunes, books from iBookstore and official Apple accessories like Airplay adapters.

That said, it would be no surprise if the iPhone 6's potentially bigger screen comes with a heftier price tag.

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