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BBM coming to iOS and Android this summer

BBM coming to iOS and Android this summer
BBM goes global

This summer BlackBerry will launch its popular messaging application BBM on iOS and Android this summer.

Initially the Android and iOS app will feature messaging and groups with the roll out of voice, screen share, video and new feature Channels all arriving in updates at a later date.

The BBM app will work on iOS 6 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich and above, although there's no word on Windows Phone support just yet.

BlackBerry claims it wants to make BBM the premium multi messaging solution around the world, but it's got some tough competition with the likes of iMessage and the well established WhatsApp to contend with.

Channelling BBM

On top of the text, voice and video functionality already available within BBM, BlackBerry also announced a new service for the app at its BlackBerry Live conference in Orlando, going by the name Channels.

Channels is being billed as a social engagement platform within BBM, allowing users to follow brands, people, bands etc.

If appears to be some sort of mashup between Twitter and Facebook pages, with notifications popping up on your BlackBerry to alert you when the channels you've subscribed to have posted something new.

BlackBerry will start rolling out Channels this summer to the Z10, Q10 and Q5, while Android and iOS users will have to wait until later this year.