Apple v Samsung: it's not over yet

Apple v Samsung: it's not over yet
Apple shouldn't start counting the money yet

After Apple was awarded damages of over $1billion (£660 million), TechRadar spoke to lawyers to see why the figure was so large.

They believe the verdict could potentially have been avoided, and that this case certainly isn't over yet.

Linda Kennedy, a patent lawyer interviewed by TechRadar about the trial, said that both parties could have potentially walked away with money for their coffers, though the jury clearly ruled Samsung's arguments didn't hold water in the court of law.

She also said that, no matter the outcome, the decision will go to an appeals court.

"I think there will be [an appeal] because if the parties are willing to wait for a jury verdict, they'll be willing to go to appeals," she said.

Don't leave it to consumers

The case may even find its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Another attorney, Vicki Salmon of IP Asset, told TechRadar that Apple and Samsung's decision to take their battle to court is none too surprising when considering the damages involved.

"When there is enough at stake, companies will take to patent litigation and not just leave it to consumers to vote for the best product," she said.

"But when there is enough at stake, companies will also see how they can best position themselves within the confines of the existing system, in order to bolster their monopoly positions."

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