Apple may make the iPhone 6S thicker, not thinner

iPhone 6S

A set of schematics, leaked by a 'reliable' source in a Chinese supply chain, apparently show us the dimensions of the upcoming iPhone 6S.

According to the schematics, which were published by Engadget Japan, the iPhone 6S will have a depth of 7.1mm, which is 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6, and the same depth as the iPhone 6 Plus.

Although Engadget Japan does not disclose its source, it does describe the leaker as reliable, so it might have come from someone close to the iPhone 6S manufacturing process, or a company that is working on iPhone 6S accessories.

Full fat force

The slight increase in depth for the iPhone 6S could be explained by the addition of Force Touch technology behind the screen, which the iPhone 6S is rumoured to include.

This technology, which was first included with the Apple Watch, will give you new ways to interact with the iPhone's touch screen by registering the amount of force you put on the display with your finger.

Although the iPhone 6S looks like it could end up being thicker than the iPhone 6, it looks like it will still be able to fit into cases designed for last year's device, as the slight increase of 0.2mm shouldn't be too noticeable.

Apart from the thickness, the iPhone 6S is set to look pretty similar to the iPhone 6, if these schematics are to be believed, with the screen once again being 4.7-inches.

If these images are accurate, then it looks like Apple is continuing the trend of its 'S' models looking pretty much the same as their forebears.

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