Are these the first iPhone 6S photos?

iPhone 6S rumors
iPhone 6S rumors for July

Apple's new iPhone is likely arriving in September with iOS 9, but unconfirmed photos suggest that it'll be an incremental update. They also shoot down some of the wilder theories.

The iPhone 6S, as it's believed it be called, will be the same exact dimensions as the iPhone 6, according to photos obtained by 9to5Mac.

That's a relief to case and accessory makers and owners, and it makes sense. Apple stuck to the same form factor with the iPhone 5 and 5S, and before that the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Today's leak is said to account for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6S external metal casing, leaving open the possibility that a 5.5-inchj iPhone 6S Plus could still have a different thickness or width.

No iPhone 6 dual camera lens

One of the most exciting iPhone 6S rumors in recent weeks regards a potential dual-lens camera on the back of the smartphone, akin to the HTC One M8.

iPhone 6S rumors

Expect more changes on the inside (Credit: 9to5Mac)

A dual-lense camera in the new iPhone could increase the quality of digital zoom and allow for more light to reach the camera sensor, but it may not happen this year.

Bursting that theory, the rear shell in today's photos look identical to those found on last year's iPhone 6, notes 9to5Mac.

The camera, microphone and LED flash holes seem identical. The same can be said about the headphone jack, microphone, Lightning port and (somehow still) mono speaker holes.

Internal changes abound

Form factor isn't everything, as we've seen in past odd-numbered years from iPhone upgrades. The iPhone 6S is likely to boast plenty of internal changes.

Rumors are strong with a Force Touch display that mimics the pressure-sensitive Apple Watch screen and the New MacBook trackpad.

iPhone 6S specs are likely to include the next-in-line Apple A9 processor and Apple M9 motion co-processor, all backed up by a 2GB of RAM, a first for an iPhone.

Matt Swider