7 reasons why the Motorola Dext will save the brand

4. It has a popular form factor... at least in the US

The US just loves a QWERTY keyboard on their mobile, as shown by the success of the Sidekick in that region. The Motorola Dext comes with just that (although it's called the Cliq over there) and although it's a little cramped vertically, it's still a decent enough set of keys.

T-Mobile g1

Don't forget, the Razr was still the top selling mobile phone over in the US until last year, and while Motorola hasn't had the same level of success in the UK, the form factor will still be accepted thanks to consumers getting used to it through BlackBerrys and the T-Mobile G1.

5. Motorola's jumped into bed with Google

Motorola is not just using Android for the OS, so releasing the Dext on this platform means the phone also gets all the latest and most up to date Google goodies.

This means the best Google Maps, Talk, Mail, Voice Search, integrated GPS for turn-by-turn directions and a pretty decent HMTL browser to boot - which isn't a bad haul, especially when Moto doesn't have to develop these tools itself.

6. It's being launched at the same time worldwide

All too often phone companies will stagger the launches of their mobile worldwide, meaning we end up with a phone being launched again, and again, and again. And again (we're looking at you Palm, and the UK still hasn't got the Pre).

But although we don't have an exact release date for the Dext, it's very likely each territory will get the phone within weeks of each other.

The motorola dext

This is important as it builds up the importance of the handset, and creates a groundswell of excitement (if it gets good early reviews, that is), which in turn boosts share price.

And given Motorola needs all the confidence it can get through this renaissance that can only be a good thing.

7. Motorola will release more models before 2009 is out

A little birdie has mentioned to us that it might not be too long before we see more MotoBlur handsets, meaning by 2010 Motorola could go from having very little presence in the market to having three top drawer phones.

In anyone's book that's a decent effort, and if the company manages to bring out the Sholes or the Calgary it will at least show there's life in the brand yet.

The Dext is crucial to these plans though, as any issues that arise from its launch can quickly be rectified in the other form factors on the OS side, and therefore each subsequent release can be seen as an improvement, helping Moto look like it's got its finger on the pulse of what the consumer needs.

Gareth Beavis
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