iPhone 8 tipped to have 5.8-inch curved AMOLED display

iPhone SE
The Apple iPhone SE.

We've heard plenty of rumours about what's coming down the line with the iPhone 7 later this year, but there's now speculation about the next phone after that - the September 2017 handset, which presumably will be called either the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S.

AppleInsider reports on a note to investors from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that states next year's iPhone will come with curved panels on the front and back. What's more, Apple will make the switch to the AMOLED display technology favoured by Samsung.

Both AppleInsider and Ming-Chi Kuo are among the more reputable sources of information from inside Apple's Cupertino headquarters, so these rumours do have some weight to them - although a lot can change in 18 months.

Phone sweet phone

The report states Apple will choose glass for the case design in order to differentiate the iPhone from a growing field of competitors. Wireless charging and biometric recognition technology (think face scanning) are also tipped to be included.

That AMOLED screen will enable a size bump to 5.8 inches for the larger iPhone, apparently, though as yet it's still unclear just how many of the panels manufacturers will be able to make (remember Apple sells about 25 million iPhones a month).

The iPhone last got a serious design overhaul in 2014 with the iPhone 6, so another revamp in 2017 would make sense. In the meantime, all eyes are on what Apple has to show us this September.

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