Kogan Mobile going 4G for free

Kogan Mobile

When Kogan Mobile rose from the ashes last year using the Vodafone network, one of the biggest hurdles it faced was the fact that it was only 3G.

At the time, Ruslan Kogan was adamant that the network would be upgraded to 4G at some point early this year, but was vague on specific timings.

Today the company announced that the Kogan Mobile service will be progressively upgraded to 4G "by June". But even more impressive is the fact that there will be no additional fee for the faster network, with Kogan's affordable plans automatically making the transition to 4G's faster speeds.

That means anyone on Kogan's 1XL, 3XL or 5XL plans (which offer 1GB, 3GB and 5GB of data every month respectively) will be able to use that data on Vodafone's faster 4G network.

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