iPhone's SimCity game nearly finished

SimCity heads to iPhone next month, courtesy of the good people of EA Mobile

Feted games designer Will Wright is more widely known these days for his recent hits with The Sims series and this year's mind-bogglingly deep Spore.

Yet TechRadar will always hold a special place deep within our geek heart for one of Wright's original 'God simulation' masterpieces, SimCity, a promising-looking version of which is almost ready for launch on the iPhone.

VentureBeat over in the US nabbed a hands-on with EA's iPhone version of Wright's SimCity, already claiming that the experience is pretty much identical to SimCity 3000on PC, with a bit of multi-touch control thrown in for zooming in and out of your bustling metropolis, as you build your own city of dreams (on the bus on your commute into work every morning!).

Curses to EA Mobile!

Goddammit! Now we all have to go out and buy iPhones if we haven't been tempted already. Curses to Electronic Arts and its "we plan to fully support iPhone gaming" strategy!

No official release date as yet. Sometime in December has been mooted by various sites and the fact that EA are showing off a preview build of the game suggests that it is imminent. We'll bring you more news on the release as soon as we get it.