Easier sharing and music management key to next-gen Spotify

Spotify next-gen revealed
Spotify next-gen revealed

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has revealed that the company has been working on a next generation of Spotify for a number of months and that music management is the key to making Spotify even more successful.

Speaking at SXSWi in Texas, Ek told crowds that: "What we have been working on in the past six to eight months is the next-generation of Spotify.

"[We are asking] how can we make Spotify more connected, how can we enable the easier sharing of music and make the management of music?

"One of the things that we have realised is that people spend a lot of time on Spotify and they intend to manage their music which is a very interesting application and that is what is probably going to drive the different licenses."

Portability a main driver

Ek's future vision of Spotify is one which takes iTunes on head on, helping users manage their music easier and giving them more options to share what tunes they listen to.

One of the ways to do this is through mobile phones. Spotify's mobile app is only available to those who subscribe to the premium version of the service and it seems that phone handsets are a key are for the music service.

"When we introduced the mobile app in December and for us that is really the next step for what Spotify could be, because we believe that portability is one of the main drivers…

"We are looking a lot at bundling with different devices. With the exception of the iPhone today, most of the other handset manufacturers lack really good media players. We are seeing that people tend to use Spotify as a media player on Android handsets.

"It's been historically cumbersome to get music on to a BlackBerry or a Nokia and that is something that we want to sort out."