Panasonic announces double the OLED TVs for 2019

Panasonic GZ2000
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Panasonic has announced its full range of OLED televisions for 2019, and they don’t slack on third-party support.

After showing only a single television at the CES 2019 expo back in January, Panasonic used its own annual convention on February 18 to pull back the curtain on the rest of the 2019 Panasonic TV range. Including these new sets, it's due to launch a total of four OLED displays – twice as many as it released last year.

Alongside the already-announced flagship GZ2000 OLED, viewers will have the chance to nab the GZ1500, GZ1000 and GZ950 - all three of which feature the same OLED panel, but with different casing, stand, and audio alterations.

The whole OLED range will support HLG broadcasting, HLG Photo, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and HDR10+, and will feature some hefty image processing thanks to the HCX Pro Intelligent Processor - the most powerful processing chip the company has made. All also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart assistants, allowing for hands-free voice control and integration with compatible third-party appliances.

In terms of LCD LED TVs, we now know we'll be getting at least four new sets: the GX920 (with last year's flagship HCX chip), GX900, GX800, and GX700.

There's no pricing or firm date for release, but we can expect the sets to start releasing to market around midway through the year. All but the GX900 LCD and GZ1000 OLED will be coming to the UK – and we'll keep you updated about wider availability as we learn more.

Never forget

Some of you may recall that Panasonic helped to develop the HDR10+ high dynamic range format, and may be curious as to why its sets are featuring the competing Dolby Vision standard as well. 

Representatives for Panasonic stressed that “We did not choose Dolby Vision over HDR10+. HDR10+, which we jointly developed with 20th Century Fox, is beginning to gain momentum. And we at Panasonic will continue to drive it forward."

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