Timex's first ever wearable has its own data service and GPS

Timex Ironman One GPS+
Surf's up (to 50 meters)

Timex is jumping into the wearable game and it's starting off with an ambitious GPS smartwatch fitted with a 3G radio.

Meet the Timex IronMan One GPS+ smartwatch. It connects directly with AT&T's 3G network and can handle basic email messaging all on its own. The watch also comes with a free year of data, after which users will have to enroll into a mystery plan the blue carrier has yet to announce.

Timex teamed up with Qualcomm to develop the connected wearable. On top of always being connected the time band features an always-on Mirasol display and a touch-based, icon-laden homescreen.

There's 4GB of storage on-board to play music pushed to a Bluetooth headset. Timex says users can expect to get up to eight hours of battery life with GPS turned on or three days of standby time.

Pricey, pricey

Using the GPS component of this smartwatch, runners can track their route, distance and speed. One GPS+ Users can also activate a "Find Me" mode with a single button press to send out a message - Timex's own suggestion: "Help! I am being chased by a bear."

Coinciding with its IronMan brand, the device has been made for athletes who want to analyze their workout sessions and upload it directly to the web with the built-in radio. The watch is also ruggedized and can go underwater up to 50-meters deep.

What's the damage for all this Timex wearable goodness you ask? $399.95 in black or gray. It's also $449.95 with a bundled bluetooth heart monitor.

Definitely not one of the most affordable smartwatches and activity trackers, the One GPS+ is still one of the few on the market that can work on its own without being connected to the phone aside from the Pine Smartwatch.

Kevin Lee

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