Original Chromecast unlikely to get another major software update

(Image credit: Future)

Hopefully you’re happy with how your Chromecast works because, according to Google, it’s unlikely to ever see another update outside of bug and security fixes. 

This news comes after 9to5Google spotted that original Chromecast was running an older version of web browsing software than the newer 2nd and 3rd-Gen devices, prompting the publication to reach out to Google about the device's potential obsolescence, which Google then confirmed in a statement.

Of course, this only applies to the original Chromecast – the rigid stick-shaped streaming device that launched back in 2013 – and not either of the two newer Chromecasts that have a round body, both of which will continue to get updates.

Considering that Chromecast is now on its sixth year of life and approaching the limitations of its hardware, it makes sense that Google is choosing to sunset the device. 

Google's streaming dongle should continue to function just as it has previously despite not seeing a major update ever again – which is good news for anyone who still uses one on a daily basis.

That being said, if you're the kind of person who wants to have the latest and greatest features on your devices, you can always upgrade to the 3rd Generation Chromecast for just $35 / £30. 

Nick Pino

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