Oppo Find X3 series is now on sale in the UK, including one of the best phones

Oppo Find X3 Pro
(Image credit: Future)

If you've been considering buying a new smartphone, one of the best phones we've tested is now available in the UK, along with its two siblings, and they're available with a few bonuses too.

This is the Oppo Find X3 Pro, a new premium phone joined by the mid-range Find X3 Neo and affordable Find X3 Lite. After a March launch, they're now on sale in the UK.

These phones cost £1,099, £699 and £379 respectively, so they run the gamut from relatively affordable to super expensive. They're all 5G-enabled, but for more in-depth rundowns of their features and performance, click on their names above to go through to our reviews.

You can pick up the phones from Three, EE, Vodafone, O2 or Oppo's website directly.

All three are classy-looking smartphones that might draw eyes, but the Find X3 Pro (pictured) is the top one, with impressive rear cameras (including a microscope one that takes pictures of really-close-up details), a great display that's optimised to show movies or games, and really, really fast charging.

These are also big rivals to the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, so if you were considering those new devices, spare a thought for the Oppo devices too.

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