One of the best smartwatches you can buy is getting 85 new fitness modes

Honor Magic Watch 2
Honor Magic Watch 2 (Image credit: Future)

One of the best smartwatches you can buy right now is the Honor Magic Watch 2, a device which is great for amateur fitness buffs with its range of sports tracking modes, and Honor has announced that list of activities tracked is about to get much, much bigger.

Upon release, the Honor Magic Watch 2 tracked 15 different types of workout including outdoor running, indoor running and pool swimming, but the company has announced that list is gaining another 85 entries to bring the total number of activities tracked to 100.

These new activities are broken down into six groups - 'extreme', 'leisure', 'fitness', 'aquatics', 'ball games' and 'winter sports', and while we don't know the whole list of sports just yet, some examples include rock climbing, ballet, boxing, parkour and street dancing.

Honor calls these 'customized workout modes', and it's not clear what the company means by this, but we'd guess it means you can choose what factors the watch tracks like heart rate, calories burned or reps. It's unlikely the new activities will provide as in-depth feedback as the pre-existing ones, as those provide a veritable wealth of information, but we could be wrong on that.

The new update for the Honor Magic Watch 2 is rolling out now, and can be downloaded via the Huawei Health app. It's worth pointing out this update isn't coming to iOS though, so if you use an iPhone you can't make the most of these 85 new activities.

A wear OS rival?

Wear OS, Google's platform for smartwatches which is used by many companies, has the Google Fit suite of workout modes, which includes just over 100 different activities to be tracked.

While some of these modes give you detailed feedback, many just tell you your heart rate while you were exercising and how many calories you burned, so it's not that useful for people with certain hobbies.

If the Honor Magic Watch 2 can provide more in-depth activity tracking for some of its various activities, it could be a better smartwatch for tracking your workouts than Wear OS devices, especially since they have roughly similar numbers of exercise modes.

If you think the Honor Magic Watch 2 might be the best smartwatch for you thanks to its new fitness tracking modes, we'll put the prices in your region below.

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