Octopus Energy partners with Ebico to provide two new green energy tariffs

best energy supplier in the UK: Octopus
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Green energy supplier, Octopus Energy, has teamed up with not-for-profit energy firm Ebico to create two new plans for low-income households that both offer 100% renewable electricity.

The new strategic partnership was announced earlier this week. As part of the deal, Ebico will retain its brand and responsibility for acquiring new customers, while Octopus Energy will supply energy and provide services to Ebico’s customers through its Kraken platform.

As part of the move, Ebico will join fellow Octopus white labels Co-op Energy, Flow Energy, GB Energy and M&S Energy.

Who will benefit from the new plans?

The new plans will make sustainable electricity cheaper for those on low incomes. As a result, both of the new plans will be available to current Ebico customers.

The first of these new plans is the 'Ebico Prime 12 Saver', which has been designed for customers who have credit meters. The second of these is the 'Ebico Prepay' tariff, which is for customers who use a prepayment meter. The electricity from both plans comes from 100% renewable sources and both deals carry no exit fees or tie-ins.

Phil Levermore, CEO of Ebico, said the new partnership with Octopus Energy would “greatly improve the quality of the service offered to our customers”. He also added that the new partners are “resolute that the interests of low-income households should not be forgotten in Britain’s vital transition to net zero.”

Similarly, global director for product and marketing at Octopus Energy, Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, welcomed Ebico’s move into Octopus Energy’s white label stable. She stated that, “with Ebico on our side, we know we can have an even greater impact and accelerate the transition to a green energy future.”

Who are Ebico and Octopus Energy?

Ebico is the UK’s first not-for-profit energy company and a registered social enterprise. It was founded more than 20 years ago with the aim of making low carbon energy affordable for low-income households.

Last year, the sale of loss-making Robin Hood Energy to British Gas saw Ebico’s customers switched over to British Gas.

Today, Ebico remains committed to offering its 50,000 customers with appropriate and competitively-priced energy plans. Importantly, as part of the new partnership with Octopus Energy, Ebico will now be able to offer customers market-leading customer service and 100% green electricity. 

Meanwhile, Octopus Energy has quickly become one of the country’s best energy suppliers. Since Octopus Energy came into the market less than five years ago, the supplier has gained two million customers. In our review of the supplier, we praised its green credentials, fair pricing and superb customer service.

On top of this, in recent months, Octopus Energy has also been at the forefront of some of the UK’s biggest energy announcements. The supplier recently added 2.8GW of renewable power capacity across Europe, launched a salary-sacrifice scheme to help drive electric vehicle uptake and unveiled plans for a ‘pioneering’ green energy research centre. 

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