Nvidia Titan RTX shows up online, could be coming soon

Update: Nvidia has now officially revealed the Nvidia Titan RTX, and has shared some info on what the new GPU is capable of, as well as its (incredibly high) price tag.

Nvidia is teasing the release of its Titan RTX graphics card – which will doubtless be a powerhouse of a GPU – in a series of leaks spilled on social media.

As spotted by PC Gamer, the card turned up in an image tweeted by Andrew Ng, the co-founder of Coursera, nestling inside a PC he was trying out some ‘new hardware’ in.

Along with that, Gavin Free – creator of YouTube channel ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ – posted an image of the GPU on Instagram, in a very similar pic with the PC side panel open so you can see the card and the glowing Titan logo.

If that's not evidence enough, during a Linus Tech Tips video, the box of the Titan RTX was ‘accidentally’ pulled out and shown off.

Convenient leaks

While these could be a bunch of accidental leaks of the graphics card and its box, it’s likely that Nvidia has given permission for these folks to tease the Titan RTX  – and if the aim is to begin to drum up excitement now, we can hope that a launch is fairly imminent.

Naturally, we are expecting a graphics card with a huge amount of power on tap, and a GPU that outdoes the already blisteringly fast GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

We loved the latter in our review, where it snagged a ‘best in class’ award, allowing for high frame rate gaming in 4K resolution with just one card – although it is extremely pricey. Of course, the Titan RTX is likely to be even more expensive.

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