Nvidia DLSS 3.1.0 update will always run the latest upscaling tech for your games

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Nvidia’s DLSS 3.1.0 SDK finally received an update, the first since March 2022, and with it comes some interesting and very useful features for gamers to play around with.

According to GitHub and reported by Kitguru, the latest update for Nvidia’s upscaling technology brought along with it some performance, bug, stability improvements, optimization fixes, as well as the ability to customize DLSS scaling ratios and set automatic updates without dev intervention.

Devs would be able to activate that option for updates by enabling a function called  “NVSDK_NGX_UpdateFeature.” This feature not only works for DLSS 3 but for DLSS 2-compatible games as well. While this wouldn’t be useful for games that support the DLSS Swapper, for games that this app doesn’t work on (like Origin/EA Play), this new feature would be quite convenient. 

How powerful is DLSS 3?

After nearly a full year without any updates, Nvidia finally pushed down one of its most ambitious ones yet, adding in two new major features to DLSS 3. The updated technology was first revealed in 2022 as part of Nvidia's Lovelace GPU line.

DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. It's a technology that uses machine learning to upscale games, leading to huge performance improvements with minimal impact to graphical quality. If you need an example of the power of DLSS 3, it allowed for Cyberpunk 2077 to be played at nearly 60FPS at max performance on an 8K display, RTX 4090, ray tracing enabled, and the DLSS 3 exclusive feature Frame Insertion activated.

It’s clear that DLSS is a game changer in terms of massively upping performance on a gaming PC, and seeing that Nvidia is putting out quality updates and adding useful features to this tech is great to see.

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