Nvidia 3080 Ti leaks again – this time by Asus

Nvidia RTX 3080
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Finding an Nvidia RTX 3080 or Nvidia RTX 3090 has been harder than avoiding the word 'pandemic' this year, but there's even more evidence to suggest they're about to get some new models added to their GPU stable.

The oft-leaked Nvidia 3080 TI has again been spotted, this time in a model put together by Asus.

Leaker HXL (9550pro on Twitter) found a database listing for a 'O20G' model from Asus's support pages, suggestive of a 20GB upgrade for the 3080 series card, as well as an overclocked boost.

What's perhaps even more interesting is the listing for an 'O12G' model, expected to be a 12GB variant of the entry-level 3000 series 3060 model.

A confusing range?

The 3080 Ti is quite an easy sell – a gaming-focussed top-level card that can boost frame rates without the workstation overload (and price tag) of the top-tier 3090 model.

But the 12GB 3060 is a bit more confusing in terms of the line up. It'd have more VRAM than the 8GB RTX 3070, and 10GB RTX 3080, but confuses the branding usually that would be reserved for a 6GB 3060. It could prove to have an all new naming convention, should it hit shelves.

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