Nokia is teasing a "charged up" product launch for May 29

Nokia Charged Up

Let the speculation begin: Nokia has posted news of some kind of launch event happening on Tuesday, May 29 at 7.40PM in Moscow – that's this coming Tuesday, at 9.40AM in San Francisco, 12.40PM in New York, 5.40PM in the UK and 2.40AM (Wed May 30) in Sydney, so adjust your diaries accordingly.

What are we going to see? All we have to go off so far is the hashtag #chargedup and a promise from Juho Sarvikas, one of the execs at Nokia parent company HMD Global, that "some new stuff" is on the way.

A brand new phone perhaps? Unlikely. An existing phone available in more regions? Well, perhaps. A portable charging pack to juice up your Nokia phone on the go? Well, it would fit in with the hashtag at least. At the moment there's no clear indication about what to expect as there would be at a September Apple event, for example.

What might be on the way

We might get to see the Nokia 9 at the event, but most of the rumors so far have pointed to that flagship phone arriving later in the year. The company only just brought out the Nokia 8 Sirocco so it seems a bit early to be expecting another top-end handset.

The more premium phones in Nokia's line-up have all been given refreshes in recent months, so perhaps it's time for the budget devices to get the same treatment. The special event might be an unveiling for updates to the likes of the Nokia 2, perhaps, with bumps for the internal components and the design.

What we do know is that HMD Global has raised another $100 million in its efforts to make Nokia a major force in the smartphone world again. Perhaps that's given it some confidence to take the wrappers off a new product – we'll find out this coming Tuesday.

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