No new iPads will launch alongside the iPhone 14, report claims

An Apple iPad Pro 11 (2021) from the front, in someone's hand
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With every new generation of iPhone, Apple generally also uses their launch event to showcase a new iPad too; taking the opportunity of everyone’s attention to show off the upgraded entry-level offering in its tablet family, however, that might not be the case in 2022.

That’s because a new report thinks the iPhone 14 launch event, which we expect to take place in mid-September, won’t feature any new tablets. Rumors previously pointed to a new low-end iPad as well as the anticipated iPad Pro 2022, but apparently, these are wrong.

This report comes from reputable leaker yeux1122, who operates on Korean blog website Naver. According to the information, the new iPads aren’t canceled though – instead, they’re said to debut at a follow-up event in late October.

Some extra information about the new entry-level iPad is provided, though it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Apparently the slate will get a USB-C port for charging, a redesign to look more like the Mini, Air and Pro iPads, with a thinner bezel and flatter design, no headphone jack and a 5G connection.

Analysis: and what about the watches?

Notice the use of the word ‘generally’ in the first paragraph of this story – there are sometimes exceptions to the rule.

A key one was in 2020, which was likely the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. That year, a month before the iPhone launch, Apple hosted an event for various other devices, including multiple Apple Watches and the iPad Air 4.

Yeux1122 didn’t mention the Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition or Apple Watch SE 2: three wearables from the company that leakers think are coming.

So we don’t know for now if these devices will all show up alongside the iPhones, or the iPads, or at a third event.

The middle option sounds most likely though, to emulate the way the shows were organized in 2020, and to avoid fans losing interest over three different live streams. Apple could show off the two new iPads and three Apple Watches in one big lifestyle-focused event, perhaps with some of its other services, like Fitness Plus and Arcade featured too.

This is just speculation though, and we’ll have to wait to find out what products are showing up at the iPhone launch – there’s a real possibility that we’ll only know once the event ends with or without the iPads showing up.

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