New Fallout game could be on the way, following tease from Bethesda

Could Fallout 5 be on the way? This morning at 8.02am BST, Bethesda Game Studios posted the below gif to their company Twitter account, strongly suggesting a new Fallout-themed announcement is on the horizon.

For those who don’t know, Fallout is one of the best-selling and best-loved video game franchises of all time, noted for its bleak, open-world storytelling in an post-apocalyptic America laid to waste by nuclear war.

The gif is a variation on the series’ iconic projector slides, used as loading screens through modern entries of the post-apocalyptic game. 

The multi-colored nature of the slide, rather than a traditional green, is interesting, and may point to a return to the world of Obsidian’s New Vegas entry (2012), which was notably jazzier with its color palette than other entries in the series.

Credit: @BethesdaStudios

Credit: @BethesdaStudios

All roads lead to E3

Bethesda seems to be deploying a similar strategy to its promotion for Rage 2, which saw the company release numerous mysterious images on Twitter before officially announcing the game earlier this month. 

It may be surprising to some to see one apocalyptic shooter teased so soon after another, but there is still no information on precisely what Bethesda will be revealing - whether Fallout 5, a remaster of an earlier game, or something else entirely. There’s also no timeline on when we’ll hear more.

The last entry, Fallout 4, was first announced at the Los Angeles conference E3 in 2015. With this year’s E3 now only a matter of weeks away, fans of the Fallout series are sure to be keeping a sharp eye out for any more information on the series’ future.

Henry St Leger

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