New emoji are coming – here are all 157 set to land on your phone this year

It's that time of the year again where we welcome new emoji onto our phones. Well, not quite yet, but we do have the official list of 157 new emoji that are almost certain to appear on your phone later this year.

The list comes direct from Unicode, the consortium in charge of issuing new little faces you can send to your friends on your phone, and phone OS makers and social media sites will soon incorporate them into their platforms.

You may recognize some of the options we've listed below – that's because we already saw a list of 130 potential new emoji last year, but this is now the official final list that Google, Apple and others will begin adopting.

Every emoji coming in Unicode 11

The options here include Cold Face, Hot Face, Partying Face, a variety of superheroes with different skin colors, a pirate flag, racoon and over 140 more. You can see all of the options below:

The designs you see for the emoji above won't be the exact ones that arrive on your phone.

Instead these are made by the emoji experts at Emojipedia and are based on what companies will likely design within the parameters Unicode have set out.

Apple, Google and other companies will take the parameters for each icon and adapt them to fit in with their particular design style, so they'll look more like the emoji you already use on a daily basis.

Exactly when these new emoji will be coming to your phone is unclear. Unicode will allow manufacturers to issue them from some point in June 2018, but you may need to wait for Android P or iOS 12 to be able to use them.

James Peckham

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