New Apple Watch update fixes a frustrating charging issue

Apple Watch Series 7 images of watch on test
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Righting a wrong, maybe? An upcoming Apple Watch update will fix a bug introduced by the last software update, watchOS 8.3, which prevented some chargers from working properly. That issue finally will be addressed in watchOS 8.4, which is due to release to the public soon.

WatchOS 8.4 is currently available only to beta testers and developers, according to MacRumors, but the release notes for the update specifically refer to fixing an issue that would prevent certain Apple Watch chargers from actually charging the device -- effectively rendering them useless.

The issues introduced by watchOS 8.3 seem to affect the Apple Watch 7 primarily, with users reporting either an inability to charge their devices or issues charging for brief periods. That's hardly ideal for a device that's intended for everyday use.

And it's not just a certain subset of chargers that are having issues. There are reports of everything from official Apple Watch chargers to more affordable third-party options being affected. As pointed out by MacRumors, even higher-end chargers such as one manufactured by Belkin are also suffering the wrath of watchOS 8.3.

So when can we expect watchOS 8.4 to release publicly? And will it actually address the issue? So far, the update has been seeded to beta testers and developers in release candidate format. 

This means that the version currently in testing should be largely identical to we get in a public launch – which could be anytime between now and the end of January, if the cadence of monthly watchOS update launches are to continue, and barring any sporadic issues that may arise as a result of the 8.4 update.

Whether the update will solve the core issue remains to be seen. As per the release notes, the latest build does seem squarely aimed at addressing the ongoing charging issues which have plagued Apple Watch devices since December, 2021. But will it?  

Hopefully, the watchOS 8.4 update will put these charging issues to bed for good, and users can resume daily activities with their Apple Watches. Given that watchOS 8.3 released well over a month ago, we can't help but feel for any users who've been carrying around uncharged watches that whole time.

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