D-Link's latest 802.11ac modem-router wants to be your all-in-one

D-Link DSL-2890AL
Red means it'll go faster, right?

D-Link's new modem-router might look more like a speaker than a modem-router, but the DSL-2890AL 802.11ac is an all-in-one with features that may draw your attention as much as its tall cylindrical design will.

The dual-band DSL-2890AL works with both the 802.11n and the new 802.11ac standards, keeping you in touch with the best possible network speeds for a few years to come.

You also get an inbuilt ADSL2+ modem, with three Gigabit LAN ports and one WAN/LAN port with NBN/UFB support - if you're lucky enough to ever have access to the national broadband network.

Faster than a red Ferrari

The D-Link DSL-2890AL is available for $299.95, and if black is too boring, there's a limited edition red coloured version available for the same price.

USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports will give you access to printers or storage, from which the DSL-2890AL will allow you to stream HD content to any device connected to it, whether that be your TV, PC, tablet or laptop.

It has cloud support for network management, and being IPv6-ready makes the DSL-2890AL a little bit more of a future-proof purchase.