5 important things Netflix just said in its earnings call

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While the rest of the world suffers from the Covid-19 pandemic, things at Netflix couldn’t be going much better in 2020 – in an earnings statement the streaming service announced record profit, viewership and subscription numbers. 

While these numbers paint an inspiring picture, the juiciest details were saved for the quarterly round table that went live a few hours later that sprinkled in some details about what’s going to come to the service in the next nine months.

Here’s what you missed.

1. Netflix content won’t be delayed by Covid-19 

If you were afraid the pandemic might put a damper on your streaming schedule, you have nothing to worry about. In the call today Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said that the company prepares its shows and movies months ahead of schedule and said that principle filming is done on pretty much all shows and movies coming this year.  

2. In fact, you’ll see more original content than ever before 

Not only will new content arrive on time, but according to Sarandos there will actually be more of it in 2020 than there was in 2019 and 2018. Highlights of that release schedule include Extraction, an upcoming action movie with Avengers star Chris Hemsworth, Space Force, which stars Steve Carrell, and the next season of 13 Reasons Why. 

3. But things are looking bleak for 2021

The heavy implications of Netflix’s content strategy is that it’ll be fine short term, but will likely struggle to release content in a timely manner next year. As of now, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos say that most of the service’s production houses are shut down across the globe with two minor exceptions - Iceland and Korea - that they say are cautiously continuing production. 

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4. Too Hot to Handle is on track to be Netflix's biggest competition show

While Love is Blind certainly made some waves earlier this year, Too Hot to Handle is currently the company’s crowning achievement when it comes to unscripted competition shows. According to Sarandos, it’s on track to be the biggest launch for the service in that genre that continues to pump out hits. The takeaway? Expect to see more of these in the future.

5.  The Top 10 lists were a good idea 

Netflix’s Top 10 list rolled out to more users this month, and according to the company’s Chief Product Officer Greg Peters, it has helped facilitate users find the service’s most popular content. If you haven’t seen them appear in your app yet, expect to see them soon. 

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