Mozilla launches two experimental Firefox apps: Lockbox for iOS and Notes for Android

Firefox Notes for Android

Mozilla has announced the latest additions to its Test Pilot scheme: Firefox Lockbox for iOS, and Notes by Firefox for Android.

Firefox Lockbox is a password manager that lets you log into iPhone apps using passwords saved in your browser. So if you have your Twitter login details saved in Firefox, Lockbox will let you use them to log into the Twitter app for iOS.

You can manage your logins on your iPhone, sync them between devices using secure 256-bit encryption, and unlock the app using Touch ID or Face ID.

As you can guess from the name, Notes by Firefox for Android is a note-taking app that lets you sync jottings between devices (desktop and mobile). Again, everything is encrypted, so you don't need to worry about your notes being intercepted.

Testing times

Firefox Test Pilot lets users try experimental features before they're added to the browser itself, and give feedback to help Mozilla develop and improve them.

Some experiments will never make it past Test Pilot, but others (such as Activity Stream) are eventually integrated for everyone to use. If you don't get along with a new feature, you can easily disable or remove it.

Until now, Test Pilot has been a desktop-only affair, but Mozilla is now testing the waters on mobile devices. Anyone can join Firefox Test Pilot and take the new apps for a spin, though you'll need a Firefox Account and Firefox Sync to get the most from them.

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