Make Firefox your own with two new experimental features: Color and Side View

Firefox Test Pilot Color and Sidebar
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Mozilla has released two new experiments as part of the Firefox Test Pilot (opens in new tab) program: Color and Sidebar. 

Most browser interfaces use subtle colors that fade into the background, letting you focus on the webpage. However, more choice is always welcome and the Firefox Color experiment gives you just that, letting you customize the whole window so it's as discreet or loud as you like.

You don't need any specialist coding knowledge – just use the simple color pickers to change the hue of each part of your browser and pick a background texture. Whether you want something that'll match your carefully chosen desktop wallpaper, a design in dark hues that will provide a pleasant backdrop when you're streaming videos, or something that looks like an explosion in an ice cream parlor, the choice is entirely yours.

Once you're happy with your color scheme, you can share it by copying the link created automatically at the bottom of the screen or save it so you can return and tone things down (or up) later.

Something on the side

The second new experiment, Side View, lets you see the content of two tabs together side-by-side. It's great for multi-tasking – Mozilla suggests using it to help with writing research papers – but it's equally good for keeping up with social media streams while browsing other sites.

Test Pilot gives you the chance to try new features that are still in development and aren't yet part of Firefox proper. Past Test Pilot experiments have included tab snoozing and picture-in-picture video

Not everything trialled in Test Pilot will be released as a finished product, but it's a great way to try some fun and unusual extensions and help shape the future of Firefox. Anyone with Firefox can join – just sign up with your email address (opens in new tab) and start experimenting.

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