TicWatch C2+ smartwatch doesn't change much, but does bring two useful new tools

Mobvoi TicWatch C2+
Mobvoi TicWatch C2+ (Image credit: Mobvoi)

It seems 2020 is the year of incremental upgrades for Mobvoi smarwatches - the new TicWatch Pro (2020) didn't change up much but upgraded the specs, and the newly-announced TicWatch C2+ tells much the same story.

The TicWatch C2+ is mostly the same as the TicWatch C2 smartwatch from 2018, but with two significant adjustments, and they might make this a more interesting smartwatch than the largely unchanged specs list would suggest.

Firstly, the TicWatch C2+ has 1GB of RAM, which is twice as much as the C2, and this should make scrolling the menus and accessing apps a lot smoother. This will be great for people who, like us, want to track workouts on multiple apps at once, for example, as it will greatly reduce the risk of one giving up the ghost and forgetting to track the exercise.

Secondly, the TicWatch C2+ ships with not one but two bands - a silicone one, likely better for workouts, and a leather one, that you'll probably prefer for everyday use.

The ability to have one 'exercise' band and one 'non-exercise' strap that you can swap between is a surprisingly useful tool that lets you choose whichever is more useful for your current task and outfit, and it's also a good way of keeping your lifestyle strap hygienic by not sweating over it during a workout.

We've always been fans of smartwatches that ship with multiple straps for this exact reason.

Other Mobvoi TicWatch C2+ specs

Mobvoi's TicWatch C2+, like many of the company's other wearables, will run on Google's Wear OS platform, so users of Wear OS smartwatches will find it familiar to use. 

The design, like that of the TicWatch C, is a large stainless steel watch with two crowns and a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen. It comes in 'Onyx', 'Platinum' or 'Rose Gold' colors, the first and last of which are pictured.

Beyond what we've already said, the TicWatch C2+ smartwatch comes with a 400mAh battery that the company states should last you for a day to a day and a half.

Paired with the 1GB of RAM is the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, which isn't the newest smartwatch processor from Qualcomm anymore (while it was when the TicWatch C2 was released) which is a shame, as it's a bit dated now and lacks some of the battery saving tech of its successor.

The watch has all the fitness features you'd expect, like a heart rate sensor and plenty of fitness modes too.

The Mobvoi TicWatch C2+ costs $210 / £190 / AU$315, and you can pick it up now from Mobvoi's website as well as Amazon.

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