Unofficial BlackBerry Storm update available

Storm - new, unofficial update makes it do what it should have done out of the box - actually work!

The BlackBerry Storm has had a difficult birth, dogged by negative PR from luminaries such as Stephen Fry and numerous tiny but frustrating and niggly faults.

But despair not, Storm-owners, because an unofficial update has been leaked online via to fix many of those little 'issues' that have been causing you that annoying sensation of wanting to fling the thing at a brick wall in anger.

Crackberry update

RIM's latest firmware update, version OS, is available now over on in advance of an official Over The Air (OTA) push from RIM, Vodafone (in the UK) and Verizon (in the US).

The official update should be with us in a week or so, for those that are turned off by the words 'unofficial' and 'leaked' in the context of a new and expensive gadget that they wouldn't be too keen to turn into yet another dead brick to shove in the kitchen drawer.

For those that don't mind having a punt with it, the update via, needs you to have a PC, run the executable file and wait a reported 15-90 minutes for it to install and make your Storm do what it should really have done out of the box. Work properly.