Did Google sell Moto too soon? Probably not, but the Moto G sure is popular

Did Google sell Moto too soon? Probably not, but the Moto G is very popular
G-up! Motorola's budget handset has shifted the smartphone landscape

The success of the high-spec-low-pice Moto G handset has given Lenovo-owner Motorola a significant platform to build upon, according to the latest research figures.

Kantar Worldpanel says Moto came from absolutely nowhere to snap up a 6 per cent share of the market in the three months leading up to the end of February 2014.

Considering the ultra-affordable Moto G was the only Motorola handset widely available in the UK until the Moto X arrived on February 1, that's some pretty solid going.

The price point, which has redefined what users expect from a budget smartphone was the prime motivator for buyers, according to Kandar, which claims over half of sales came from the 16-24 age group.

Glory days on the way back?

The news comes, not long after Google dispensed of Motorola (well, everything but the patents, of course) and palmed it off on Chinese firm Motorola. The figures are sure to please the company's new masters as it seeks to see Moto's glory days renewed.

Elsewhere in its findings, Kandar claims Android continues to lead the way in the OS-stakes in Europe.

The Google-owned OS is currently rocking a 68.9 per cent share of the pie, while iOS is on 19 per cent and Windows Phone is on 9.7 per cent.

The remaining 2.4 per cent? We'd imagine BlackBerry is in there somewhere.

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