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Carphone Warehouse offers free PAYG phones

The 'free' Nokia 1650
The 'free' Nokia 1650

The Carphone Warehouse has decided that phones aren't worth anything these days, it's all about the airtime. So pay £30 for credit and get a free Nokia 1650 phone.

Not only that, but for the first 30 days you can get unlimited texts as well, so Christmas could be a phone-filled paradise for those that like the budget models.

Once again, we're seeing a phone that's very feature-light in the Nokia 1650, much like its bargain basement brothers, the Motorola W180 and the Samsung B130, available for a frankly expensive £2.89 and £5 respectively.


You can listen to the radio through the FM receiver and it needs charging only once every 17 days in standby mode. Erm... and that's it, unless you count the noise reduction technology.

It will be available on Orange's animal tariffs - Dolphin, Canary, Camel and Raccoon.

There's also the option to only buy £10 worth of credit and pay around a tenner for the phone... but that's nowhere near as interesting, nor a good story down the pub. Well, neither is this really, but if you have to say something about your handset, then you might as well say it was free.

Of course, you could just look at it as buying a phone for £30 and getting free credit, but that's not as much fun now, is it?