Nvidia Tegra Note 7 makes a big deal about its stylus

Nvidia Tegra Note 7 makes a big deal about stylus
Is the stylus really in style?

Nvidia has already shown off its Tegra Note tablet, complete with a low price and stylus functionality, but now a couple of videos have given us a better look at the slate.

The teaser clips were posted online by NotebookItalia and shows off the DirectStylus options on the Tegra Note 7 - but is that what people are crying out for on a 7-inch tablet?

The first, longer video shows the DirectStylus pop-up window on screen when the stylus is removed from the tablet, which is similar to Samsung's Air Command on its Galaxy Note line of products.

We're then shown various applications which benefit from the stylus input, but there's nothing groundbreaking here. While it might be nice to write and draw on a tablet without your finger once in a while, it doesn't exactly present itself as a strong USP.

Winning with a wedge?

Nvidia has done something slightly different with the stylus design, with a wedge-shaped nib allowing for finer points and broader strokes without having to adjust a setting on screen.

The second video provides a more general overview of the tablet, claiming it's the world's fastest 7-inch tablet - powered by the fastest quad-core mobile processor, the Nvidia Tegra 4 chip.

As well as Nvidia's latest mobile chip, the Tegra Note also sports a 72-core GeForce GPU, 7-inch HD IPS LCD display, 2GB of RAM, rear facing 5MP camera, front facing VGA snapper, 16GB internal storage and a microSD slot.

In terms of price the Nvidia Tegra Note will set you back $199, or £179 in the UK (around AU$215), but a release date is still currently unknown.

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