Microsoft goes on the offensive for Surface tablets in the NFL

Surface NFL

Microsoft doesn't want the NFL to throw up the red flag just yet - it's reassuring folks that its Surface tablets have yet to fail on the sidelines.

Microsoft paid the NFL $400 million to put Surfaces into every facet of the game, but the weekend AFC Championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots saw the rise of "Tablegate."

The Patriots sideline began having issues with receiving pictures toward the end of the game, a bad look for the Surface Pro 3 tablets on the sidelines.

Microsoft eventually responded to requests for comment, saying that it was a network issue that the caused the issue with the tablets. The NFL issued a statement Monday stating an infrastructure issue on the Patriots' sideline caused the network problems.

Two years without failing

Two days later, Yusuf Mehdi, VP of Microsoft's Windows and Devices group, has come out to reassure fans, teams and anyone that wants to criticize the Surface.

"In the past two years, Surfaces have supported nearly 100,000 minutes of sideline action, and in that time, not a single issue has been reported that is related to the tablet itself.," Mehdi said in a blog post.

He added that on the rare occasion there is an issue, the company works with the NFL to quickly troubleshoot the problem.

Mehdi also made sure to mention how helpful having the tablets on the sidelines have been for the teams.

This reassurance comes at an important time, with the Super Bowl game scheduled in just a couple of weeks, which we imagine Microsoft is hoping will run without issue.