iPad 3 specs 'outed' with higher res screen, quad-core processor

iPad 3 specs 'outed' with higher res screen, quad-core processor
iPad 3: still residing in the realms of the imagination

New sources have claimed that the iPad 3 is imminent, apparently bringing a higher-res screen, a quad-core processor and LTE support to the Apple tablet party.

Three sources have made these not-very-outlandish claims, saying that the new screen will offer a higher resolution than the iPad 2, with more pixels on it than some HD TVs.

The source, clearly a fan, also told Bloomberg that images and text look like print on the screen and extra graphics processing power mean that "videos begin playing almost instantly".

Extra grunt

A source at one of Apple's manufacturing partners also told Bloomberg that the company began production of the mythical iPad 3 this month, with a view to reaching full volumes in February.

As for that LTE support, one source told Bloomberg that it's coming to the iPad ahead of the iPhone because its bigger battery can support it better.

Do you know what we'd say if we were spreading rumours about the iPad 3? We'd probably say it's going to have a higher resolution screen because that's pretty much a given, and we'd also probably give the processor a hypothetical upgrade too.

And do you know what else'd be a safe bet? LTE support, aka a feature that won't be any good to us poor saps in the UK where the next-gen networks are generally imaginary.

Still, some of the extra details add credence to the claims and, let's face it, we'd all like to believe that Apple has managed to create a screen that looks like it's been printed. So we'll be generous, and rate this a 'quite likely' on the old rumourometer:

Rumour meter

As for an iPad 3 UK release date? If previous years are anything to go by, we can expect it around March.

From Bloomberg

Did higher-resolution, better graphics, quad-core processing and LTE support make it into our video wishlist of what we'd like to see on the iPad 3? There's only one way to find out:

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