Don't worry, there's a non-stupid way to charge your Apple Pencil

Apple iPad Pro Pencil

The Apple Pencil, the proprietary stylus developed to work with the iPad Pro, may require a special adapter for it to be charged with Lightning cables.

The adapter, detailed in AppleCare employee training literature leaked by 9to5Mac, bridges a Lightning cable and the Apple Pencil so it can plug into a wall or laptop. While it has yet to be confirmed, the Apple Pencil adapter is reported to come bundled with the $99 (about £64/AU$139) stylus when it launches this fall.

The Apple Pencil, which sports a Lightning connector of its own under a cap, can connect directly to the iPad as its primary way of charging. Apple boasts the Pencil can build up nearly half-an-hour's worth of juice after only 15 seconds of charge time.

While the need for a secondary charging method may be unnecessary, concerns have arisen that leaving the device rigidly sticking out of a tablet to charge could leave either electronic prone to accidental damage.

Developed for use with the iPad Pro, which may go on sale on November 11, the Apple Pencil uses built-in sensors combined with the large iPad's multi-detection touchscreen to replicate high-fidelity pen placement, angle and pressure similar to a graphics tablet or ... a regular pencil. The Apple Pencil appears to be marketed primarily for the creative industry, with developers like Adobe pledging support for the device.

Parker Wilhelm
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