Amazon teases Kindle Fire 2 and new Kindle in advert

Amazon teases new Kindle Fire 2 and new Kindle in advert
New Kindle Fire gets some ad love

Amazon is all set to launch a number of new products today – and it may have already leaked what it's going to show.

An advert was aired in the US during the Dallas Cowboys V New York Giants game which revealed 'something new'.

That something new looks to be a 10-inch model of the Kindle Fire (Kindle Fire 2 perhaps?) and another Kindle, which looks suspiciously like the Paperwhite Kindle that was leaked earlier in the week.

Fire in the hole

If Amazon is indeed releasing a larger Kindle Fire, then it will be putting the tablet up against the new iPad. And the only way it will actually compete against this 800lb gorilla in the room is by making the price desirable.

Considering the Kindle Fire's price was lower than most tablets on the market at the time, however, and the company has a subsidised strategy with its Kindle ereader range, it's a fair bet that we will see a tablet with an enticing price.

Although Amazon is launching its latest products in Los Angeles, this doesn't mean the UK will miss out.

The arrival of the Amazon Appstore in the UK could well point to the Kindle Fire coming to Britain soon. TechRadar will be reporting from the event, so be sure to keep checking the site.

If you want to check the advert out for yourself, then you are in luck as someone happened to film their TV while it was showing. It's like one of those found footage movies but unfortunately without a monster coming to destroy things at the end.

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