Amazon App store for Android updated

Amazon App store for Android updated
Amazon App store for Android updated

The Amazon App Store for Android version 2.0 has rolled out in preparation for the US launch of the Kindle Fire.

With the Amazon Kindle Fire rolling out for the US market on 15 November, Amazon knows that its app strategy is a central pillar to supporting its new venture.

Version 2.0 of the Amazon App Store brings in a subscriptions item in the main app menu, and overhauls the look and feel to make it more similar to the Kindle Fire's interface.


Obviously it will be a few days before the true impact of the changes is made clear, with the launch date likely to bring a wealth of new content for the store.

The Kindle Fire has already attracted huge interest and, positively for Amazon, enough pre-orders to prompt the internet giant to increase its production demands.

Although we are yet to hear of any Amazon Kindle Fire UK release date, there is plenty of desire for a low cost tablet, which will be thrust into a market dominated by Apple's iPad.

The low price means that Amazon will be desperate to push content from its own virtual shelves in order to make its Kindle Fire project a commercial hit.

But with early signs positive, the company must be growing in confidence that it can replicate the success that it had with its Kindle ebook reader.

Via The Verge

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