Overnight news roundup: 15-16 November

With new updates, Leopard is running much more smoothly.

Apple has updated Leopard with a whopping 110MB of fixes. According to the company, the new Leopard update - 10.5.1 - fixes the major bugs found during the operating system's first three weeks of availability. It comes on the heels of the last Tiger update (10.4.11), which was released on Wednesday.

The most notable element of this update is the Time Machine fix. According to Apple, a number of issues popped up relating to formatting and restoring files, and with the help of this update, those issues have been resolved. The update also fixes an error in the program that moved restored files from their original location to an unspecified directory.

Finder fixed

Finder is also the subject of a number of updates. Apple stated that the flaw in Finder where data could be erased from a system if a connection was interrupted during a 'move' command has been repaired.

Besides these, the new update addresses a host of issues in other software and, according to Apple, all users are strongly encouraged to download the update immediately.

Fingerprint-proof screen

LG.Philips has developed a new kind of LCD display that is virtually resistant to any kind of damage. According to the company, the new LCD is unlike the current technology which helps 'stick' dirt to the screen and works in a way that's similar to a non-stick frying pan.

The prototype for this technology is a 15.4-inch laptop screen that is resistant to dirt and dust, fingerprints and permanent ink can easily be wiped off. Production of these LCDs will begin in early 2008.

A Microsoft executive claims that his company is aiming to become one of "the top two" web advertising firms in the world. Based around the '10, 20, 30, 40' plan, Microsoft believes a core strategy to achieve such lofty goals is to make MSN.com and Windows Live email comprise 10 per cent of all online traffic - up four per cent from its current standing.

The company also wants to increase time spent on Microsoft websites to 20 per cent, raise its share in online search to 30 per cent and capture 40 per cent of all web advertising dollars.

YouTube in HD?

YouTube - the popular video-sharing site - may need to find new ways to pay for even more bandwidth. According to company representatives, YouTube will soon be offering HD content. Even better, the first HD content should be available in three months.