'$100 laptop' goes on sale for $200

You can buy 1,000 of the laptops for $249 each

The One Laptop Per Child project has announced that you can now buy the so-called '$100 laptop' for $200. To get them for this price though, you'll have to buy 10,000 of them. You can buy 100 of them for $299 each.

Ever since the OLPC project was announced, the Holy Grail was always going to be getting the price of the simple laptop down to $100 (£48). But that is still some way off it seems.

$100 laptop slowly getting cheaper

The OLPC project aims to give children around the world the opportunity to learn how to use computers. It's a joint effort between manufacturer Quanta , the MIT Media Laboratory, chip maker AMD and Linux software developer Red Hat.

The idea is that wealthy individuals and businesses buy the laptops in bulk to donate them to countries that don't have access to such equipment.

Microsoft jumping on board

OLPC chairman Nicholas Negroponte recently came under fire from some quarters for allowing Microsoft to develop its own cut-down version of Windows for the laptop. But Negroponte has said that his hands were tied and that he couldn't stop it.

"It would be hard for OLPC to say it was 'open' and then be closed to Microsoft. Open means open," Negroponte said.

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