Microsoft once again sends out the wrong Windows 10 update to users

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In a rather embarrassing turn of events, Microsoft has once again released the wrong Windows 10 update to its users.

In October, Microsoft sent the wrong Windows 10 update, which was supposed to bring “quality improvements to Windows Autopilot configured devices”. However, rather than going to just devices powered by Autopilot, which is a tool used to set up devices in a business environment, the update was sent to all users of Windows 10, including Windows 10 Home users.

History has now repeated itself, with Microsoft making the same mistake by pushing Windows 10 Autopilot update ‘KB4532441’ out to everyone as part of its Patch Tuesday updates on December 10.

Here we go again

Like before, people using consumer versions of Windows 10 saw the Autopilot update, and even if installed, the update was offered to them continually.

To be fair to Microsoft, it was quick to acknowledge the mistake, and has taken down the update.

As Microsoft states in the release notes for the update, "This update was available through Windows Update. However, we have removed it because it was being offered incorrectly."

If you use Autopilot, then the device you're using should automatically update Windows Autopilot to the latest version.

If you don't use the feature, and have installed the update, then don't worry. Microsoft assures us that "There is no effect on Windows Autopilot being offered to Windows 10 devices. If you were offered this update and do not use Autopilot, installing this update will not affect you."

To be on the safe side, you can uninstall the update without any issues.

So, it's not a complete disaster, but it's another instance of Microsoft messing up a Windows 10 update, which is making the company a bit of a laughing stock at the moment. Let's hope this is the last issue we see for a while.

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