Microsoft is finally dropping a fix for a frustrating Your Phone issue on Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2 dual-screen phone opened and showing desktop and apps
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Microsoft’s Your Phone app is finally getting a fix for one of its more frustrating limitations on the Surface Duo 2: it can now connect to multiple Windows 11 PCs.

Version 1.21111.176.0-beta_3060351 of the Your Phone app is rolling out on the Google Play Store, allowing users to choose "Add computer" when connecting their mobile phone with their PC through the Android phone app. 

The process isn’t perfect by any means. You still need to manually add each PC to the app, and there’s no “Apps'' support but instead a much less efficient "Phone screen" mode. That being said, the beta support is definitely far better than the alternative.

The Your Phone app was introduced not long after the death knell of the Windows Phone. In the beginning it was a way to allow users to sync text messages and photos from their phone to whichever PC they connected it to. Since then, the app has received tons of support in the form of added features such as access to contact lists, running other apps on the PC, changing settings on the phone from the PC, and more.

Analysis: Other Surface Duo 2 updates on the way

Microsoft has plans to release other upgrades for its recently launched Surface Duo 2. Alongside the Your Phone app fix, the tech giant seems to be adding the inking toolkit to Outlook. The feature had been promised for the phone in the past, but was nowhere to be seen at launch.

And there have been rumors of several December updates including the ability to launch OneNote directly by clicking the Surface Slim Pen's button, a Photos app beta, and being able to choose what display is the default (for single-screen mode). Finally, Windows 11 will be coming to the original Surface Duo according to these same rumors.

Of course, as with any other rumors, keep your expectations in check with these particular rumblings until things are officially confirmed by Microsoft.

Via Windows Central

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