Microsoft is considering bringing Chromium-based Edge to Linux

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft could soon release a version of its Chromium-based Edge browser specifically for Linux users, and its engineers are carrying out research to find out what it would involve.

As Windows Central reports, the Edge development team recently sent out a survey for web developers to find out their requirements and expectations of a Linux web browser.

The brief survey asks which Linux distro is most important for web development, and if the developer uses multiple distros, why that is. It also asks what developers use browsers on Linux for (just work, or personal browsing as well), how they prefer to install browsers, and whether their development and testing work means they have any special requirements.

Feeling tempted?

While more choice is always welcome, it's interesting that Microsoft would choose to target Linux users – people who have specifically decided to shun Windows, despite the convenience it offers.

However, the new Chromium-based Edge has been generally well received, offering the best features of Chrome but without the performance issues associated with Google's infamously RAM-guzzling browser.

As Windows Central notes, Edge is already available natively for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, so with Linux on board too, Microsoft will have every major desktop and mobile operating system covered.

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