LG has been showing off a new Android Wear watch behind closed doors

Yesterday we heard the first reports of the LG G7 being shown off behind closed doors at MWC 2018, and now we've heard word the company had a new Android Wear watch at the show too.

Alongside the LG G7, the company was showing off its follow up to the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport, according to a person in the room who spoke to Venture Beat.

The watch was there alongside early versions of the LG G7, LG Q7 and LG V35 smartphones. Nothing else is known about the new Android Wear watch - we haven't seen any leaks for new features or the design yet - but it'd make sense the company would be readying a follow-up considering last launched wearable devices in February 2017.

Style or Sport?

The Watch Style and Watch Sport were both unveiled early last year and were the first devices to come running Android Wear 2.0 software and each was considered the flagship devices of the new OS.

The report on the new watch doesn't offer any insight into whether this will be a specific follow up to the Watch Style, Watch Sport or part of a brand new line of devices.

Rumors of the Android Wear 3.0 upgrade have begun, so it may be LG is waiting to announce this new watch alongside upcoming software upgrades from Google.

James Peckham

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