Latest leak claims to show iPhone 8 being assembled at Foxconn

Whether you believe the slew of recent iPhone 8 leaks and rumors to be true or false, there’s little to dispute when we get a peep inside an assembly line working on the highly anticipated device.

Two videos originally posted on Weibo have surfaced showing what appears to be the iPhone 8, complete with a vertically-aligned rear camera array – just as the most recent leaks claimed. 

It’s tough to focus in on the details of the videos, as they seem to be recorded with haste, but in the first video we can easily see factory workers polishing many, many devices.

Only in the second video below can we actually make out some of the finer details, like the rear-facing cameras.

The devices shown off aren’t in a powered-on state, so other rumored features, like the notch bezel on the screen’s top, aren’t outright confirmed in these videos.

Not long to wait now

Even though the above videos are claimed to have been recorded inside Foxconn, the company that has typically assembled Apple’s iPhone smartphones – and most smartphones, for that matter – it’s hard to not be at least a little skeptical that we’re being shown the real thing here.

Sure, many leaks from within Foxconn have turned out to be true. But thankfully, we don’t have long to wait until the official Apple event, where the company is likely to unveil the iPhone 8. 


Cameron Faulkner

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