Sony's new Centrino 2 powered Vaio range

Sony's new Centrino 2 powered Vaio range
Sony's new Centrino 2 powered Vaio range

Sony has officially unveiled its new range of Centrino 2 powered Vaio laptops, confirming its new Vaio Z, FW, SR and BZ ranges of smart new laptops.

The ultraportable and lightweight Vaio Z models have particularly caught our eye, which weigh a shade over 3 pounds – around the weight of an extremely tiny new-born baby!

The ultimate ultraportable

The Z model comes with a 13.1-inch widescreen display with Sony's XBRITE-DuraView LCD technology (which Sony claims is scratch-resistant) and the option of a rather marvelous high-resolution 1600 x 900 widescreen display, offering a 40% wider workspace than a standard display.

Design-wise, the Vaio Z is all brushed aluminium and carbon-fibre casing with G-Sensor shock protection – handy if, like us, you have a tendency to drop expensive objects on concrete randomly.

Centrino 2 powered

All the new range of Vaios are powered by Intel Centrino 2 technology, come with the impressively high spec lists we've come to expect from Sony and with the options of add-on Blu-ray drives with all models.

For the ultimate ultraportable you might be tempted to upgrade your new Z series to the dual channel 128GB solid state drive model (at a cost of around $2300/ £1150. Though if you're not feeling that flush, the Z range will start from an RRP of around $1800 (£900) when they launch in the US in August.

Adam Hartley