LG shows off high-end Blade ultrathin laptops

LG Blade
LG Blade

LG has unveiled the Blade series laptops, with the P430 and P530 the first arrivals for the high end notebooks.

LG's Blade series is designed to be an ultra-slim offering but without sacrificing performance, with the P430 a 14-inch notebook with a thickness of 23.8 mm, while the P530 offers a 15.6 inch screen and weighs in at 2.2Kg.

"The Blade series is the fruition of many months of effort by LG engineers and design-ers to develop portable computers that deliver beyond the performance, looks and value that today's consumers have come to expect," said J.J. Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of LG Electronics PC Business Unit.

Slim and beautiful

"Leveraging tomorrow's technology and breakthrough design, LG will continue offer slim, beautiful notebooks that raise the bar in portable computing."

Specs wise, the Blade laptops offer second gen Core i7 processors and Nvidia GeForce GT520M graphics.

The laptops will be launched later this month, although a UK release date and price has not yet been confirmed.


The laptops are helped by LG's bezel technology and the company has leveraged its experience in displays to make the LED LCD screen thinner.

"The minimalist, sophisticated designs of the P430 and P530 feature a super-slim LED LCD screen, bezel and body, creating a new style icon for fashion-forward consumers," added LG.

"The notebooks' new display technology, developed in collaboration with LG Display, allows the LED LCD screens to be incredibly thin while still delivering rich, sharp images.

"With respective depths of 4.5mm and 4.7mm, the screens of the P430 and P530 are up to 50 percent thinner than any other notebooks in their class."

The thinner bezel means that the laptops can be designed around notebooks a size below the actual screen size.

"Thanks to LG's world-class bezel technology, LG Blade notebooks boast bezels that are more than 40 percent narrower than other notebooks in the same class," explains LG

"This allows the 14-inch P430 to be designed around a 13.3-inch-class notebook. Together, the thinner display and narrower bezel contribute to LG's new Blade series being up to 22 percent slimmer than the closest competing product in its class."

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