Just got paid? Harley-Davidson is auctioning a one-off BMX e-bike right now

Serial 1 MOSH/BMX hand-built e-bike
(Image credit: Serial 1)

Serial 1 Cycle, the e-bike arm of motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson, is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind electric BMX. The Mosh/BMX is hand-built, with a high-rise 9in BMX bar, internal cable routing to prevent damage, two-tone fade paintwork, and Schwalbe Hans Dampf knobby tires. It's finished off with a front-mounted cargo basket designed to look like an old-school milk crate.

Bids are open now, and the auction ends at 1pm MDT on Tuesday November 2. Cash raised will be donated to the Just Keep Livin Foundation, which runs fitness programs for inner-city high schools in the US.

Serial 1 Mosh/BMX e-bike battery housing

The Mosh/BMX has a removable battery for easy charging, and its cabling is fully internally routed (Image credit: Serial 1)

This isn't Serial 1's first retro-styled e-bike. The company takes its name from the first known Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the Serial Number One, which was built in 1903 – and many of its e-bike designs borrow design cues from early bikes.

Retro cool

The final price is likely to be well over $10,000, if Serial 1's last bidding war is any indicator. In September this year, the company auctioned another retro-style e-bike for charity, which eventually went for $14,200 (about £10,300 / AU$18,800). The Mosh/Chopper was inspired by the Schwinn Sting-Ray, with a long banana seat, high-rise handlebars, and metallic 'oriental blue kandy' paintwork.

If that sounds a bit outside your price range, there are lots of options that are more wallet-friendly. Serial 1 launched its first bikes in November 2021, and unusually for a big-name motorcycle builder, its designs were surprisingly affordable. The entry-level model, the Mosh/Cty, costs little more than the Cowboy 4, our current top pick in our guide to the best electric bikes).

The designers didn't skimp on the components, either; each of Serial 1's e-bikes has a carbon belt drive, integrated lights, removable battery, and a quiet Brose S Mag motor. The Rush/CTY and Rush/CTY Step-Thru also have integrated racks and fenders for luggage, plus lockable glove boxes.

Two people ride Serial 1 e-bikes through a park

Serial 1's mass produced e-bikes are more affordable than you might expect (Image credit: Serial 1)

If you're looking for something a little cooler, and have some extra cash to spare, there's one more option. In September 2021, Serial 1 branched out with a special edition e-bike inspired directly by the Serial Number One.

The S1 Mosh/Tribute has a step-over frame similar to the Mosh/Cty, but finished with white tires and a glossy black frame, plus tan leather handlebar tape and saddle.

Only 650 will be built, and each one carries a price tag of $5,999 (about £4,400 / AU$8,300). That's around the same as the basic spec Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert, so the decision boils down to your priorities: vintage style and sheer rarity, or high performance components and sleek, modern design.

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